Hamilton Residence

QLD 4007
Hamilton Residence

manchestercentral delivery office

  • SECTOR Health
  • LOCATION Dobroyd Parade
  • VALUE $6.5 million

project description

This project involved a wall of windows to be motorized to allow easy and fast functioning for ventilation purposes.

These louvres allow for external air to be drawn into the gymnasium and indoor pool area where the use of non mechanically ventilated air can be seen as desirable over a standard air conditioning system.

The level of thermal comfort provided for the occupants has a proved track record over air conditioning. In particular where a space is being used for physical activity there are a number of benefits of introducing passive ventilation.

Not having to create walkway access for window operations allowed the designer of this space to create the beautiful clean line on the far side of the pool, this also freed up more space for the gymnasium. With the pool then being closer to the external wall, more light is reflected into the internal space of the home off the surface of the water, which is a highly desirable outcome.

Product: Linco S100

features of this project
  • Motorised windows
  • Fast ventilation
  • No need for air conditioning
  • Passive ventilation