Marcus Beach

QLD 4573

Project Description

With views like this how could anyone not want to take full advantage them?

Although from an airflow point of view there is little to be gained from opening beyond an angle of 60 degrees, what was requested for this home was a window that moved through 90 degrees to ensure the amazing beach vistas were as uninterrupted as possible.

An added challenge in this design was the large size of the windows. The windows required a very powerful motor to not only move through 90 degrees but also support the weight. To ensure there was no distortion of the windows with the movement it was necessary use one actuator on each side of the individual windows.

The industrial nature of the overall design did allow the larger motors to look sympathetic to the whole. This was also an advantage when it came to our need to design a custom made bracket to allow an increased angle of the arms to lift the weight of the windows.

Product: Force Actuator

features of this project
  • Force motors on awning
  • Windows open through 90 degrees
  • Custom made brackets