FKG Head Quarters

Toowoomba QLD 4350

project description

FK Gardner have built a new Head Quarters in Toowoomba and the balance between inside and outside climates were a major consideration in the design.

There are three very different zones in this design, the indoor pool, office space and the kindergarten.

Each offered different challenges for the designers, however all the areas have incorporated high level operable windows to ensure the occupants of a comfortable environment.

The elevated windows in the pool area is used expel the hot/humid air that causes mould build up and that stuffy feeling when you enter closed areas of this nature.

The office space incorporates high level windows for natural light and also the exchange of air. Passive ventilation is used in conjunction with a mechanical system to ensure the balance between temperature and the thermal comfort of the occupants. Often Air Conditioning can dry out the air where as the passive ventilation aims to balance indoor and outdoor conditions. This means that there not the shock differences that can be experienced in a closed system.

The kindergarten is a nice light environment which is enhanced by the high level windows. Making these operable then allows the passive concepts to cool the areas even if there is no breeze. Hot air rises and escapes the open windows drawing in cooler air through the lower openings.

Product: SECO N 24 25

features of this project
  • Balance of inside and outside climates
  • High Level operable windows
  • Expel hot/humid air
  • Thermal comfort through passive ventilation