Australian-designed 240-volt electric window operators: easier to install, safe and reliable


Thankfully, in the 21st century, we understand how critical windows are to building design: they deliver the daylight and fresh air vital for building occupants’wellbeing.
To enhance a building’s natural ventilation and energy efficiency, windows can automatically open and shut according to climatic conditions or exchange air overnight. Or open and close at the touch of a button to allow occupants to control windows that would otherwise be challenging to operate efficiently. The integration of electric window systems enables this convenience and practicality.
However, not all electric window mechanisms are equal in the Australian market. Some can add extra cost to projects, cause delays, and may not offer long-term reliability. Nearly all electric window chain mechanisms available in Australia are 24-volt rather than 240-volt. So, when it comes to installation, they fall into a grey area between window fabricators and electricians as to who is responsible for installing and connecting the low voltage cabling for these systems.
When 24-volt systems are used, a window fabricator is responsible for running the cabling and connecting the system as an electrician’s 240-volt scope of works do not cover them. Most window fabricators are not qualified or equipped for electrical installations, which can cause unnecessary delays and headaches on sites…….
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