Electric Window Controls


Until now there has been only two types of windows that could be successfully fitted with Window Automation Equipment – Louvres and Awnings (Hoppers). Linco’s new Sliding Window Motor has just changed that!

With a powerful 32mm x 32mm square drive actuator that can be concealed to blend in with all available sliding window manufacturers frames.

It can open commercial and domestic windows as large as 3000mm wide and is compatible with all of our Intelligent Control Systems and Smoke Ventilation Systems.

5 year warranty is standard with an extended 10 year warranty available.

Specification: The sliding windows are to be fitted with the 24 volt Linco Sliding Window Motor from Unique Window Services (Phone, 07-3265-5771) The motor housing is be 32mm square extruded aluminium and the stroke is to be defined by the approved window manufacturer prior to ordering actuators. Concealed wiring to be installed before the window frames are assembled and installed onsite. Suitable space should be allowed in the ceiling cavity or electrical cupboard to accomodate the power supply, transformers and control systems. All wiring to be concealed within the building structure. Actuators, power supplies, control system, termination and commissioning to be provided by Unique Window Services.