Electric Window Controls


This actuator has been developed with aesthetics and high performance as key principals, hence it is a class apart from the other actuators in the market.

It is capable of pushing and pulling with equal force of up to 3000N and with a rating of up to IP66 protection, this actuator does have a lot to offer. Equipped with over current circuit protection and hall sensor, this provides precise control and position sensing. This means that the motor will stop at full stroke however it will also stop if it is placed under too much load.

The diameter of the actuator is only 35mm, and the inner permanent magnet motor with planetary gear of various ratios can operate strokes from 50mm to 750mm with speeds of 1.8mm/sec to 43mm/sec at maximum load.

The applications for this attractive actuator are almost endless and they can be coloured to suit your installation. Standard colour is black, however stocks of Aluminium and Stainless Steel (great for those coastal areas) are easily accessible.

Some alternative applications to our standard use in window control equipment are in wheelchairs and vehicles.

Specification: The Louvre windows are to be controlled using the LA10 available from Unique Window Services, (07) 3265-5771.

Each actuator is to have a site specific stroke length and speed, 3000N of force, an IP rating of 66 and a locking force of 17,500N. The actuators are to have over current circuit protection and a hall sensor for positional feedback sensing and be capable of completing 15,000 strokes.


Well, where do we start to describe how fantastic this compact actuator really is?

Let’s start with its size, at only 145mm long and a width of 34mm, it is very small. This makes the ‘Micro’ perfect for concealment to make the end result a nice clean look. With ability to be mounted on either a jamb or a mullion due to the easy fit bracket and slim design the control of your louvred windows has become even less intrusive than before.

Due to the size of the actuator there is a limit to the size window that the motor should control and this is roughly 6 blades high. However for a clearstory concept this height of window should easily allow great air flow created by this passive design element.

With the ability to be easily concealed, if more than one motor needs to be mounted on a larger bank of louvres the design of the windows will not be compromised. Mounting a motor per control handle will allow the largest of banks automated control.

SPECIFICATION: The louvre windows are to controlled using the LINCO MICRO linear actuator.

Actuators are to be a two piece cast aluminium housing and be capable of 10,000 double stokes with a driving force of 100N. Each actuator is to have a predetermined stroke length with all cabling to be concealed where possible. Power supplies are to be located in a void and are to be accessible for servicing.

The actuators are available from Unique Window Services, (07) 3265-5771.


One of the new generation of linear actuators, the S200 series has a slimline design that will fit right in to any home. However its strength and reliability means that it will be equally suitable for the most rigorous of commercial or industrial applications.

The actuator is housed within the same casing as the stroke, which is the deviation from previous actuators available. This is what has created the clean lines of the S200. A second detail to consider is that the casing keeps dust and other debris away from all the mechanisms of the 500N actuator. Meaning that the cleaning of this very reliable actuator, is a lot easier.

The standard finish is an anodised aluminium however we can colour match the casing to suit the design. Designed for use on louvre windows, skylights, shutters and sliding windows the Linco S200 series is very versatile motor.  It is even capable of functioning outside to control external shutter systems as it has an IP rating of 65. With simple connection to torque arm the use of this actuator can not only be attractive but also a cost effective method to automate multiple high level windows.

SPECIFICATION: The louvre operating system is to be the Linco S200 With predetermined stroke length and 2 in-built micro limit switches. Actuators are to have sintered brass gear drives and be capable of performing a minimum of 10,000 strokes.

The actuators are available from Unique Window Services, (07) 3265-5771.


The Linco S300 is our 240 volt linear actuator, specifically it is a square spindle actuator.

With the capability to push, pull and hold large loads this actuator is perfect for commercial applications on a huge scale. Suitable for the control of single/paired banks of louvres or attachment to our Torque Rod System the S300 can be used to  control openings of very large square metres.

Due to the housing of the Transformer within the actuator casing it is quite a long motor. For correct mounting you do require quite a distance above or below the handles for connection, therefore please discuss heights with us should you have any questions. This actuator has been rated to survive temperatures of up to 300 degrees for 30 minutes and as such is perfect for use as part of a fire system. You can open or close windows to direct smoke away from  paths of exiting occupants and limit the intake of oxygen to feed the fire.

SPECIFICATIONS: The louvre windows are to be controlled using the Linco S300.

Actuators are to be a 32mm square one piece extruded aluminium housing with two stainless steel clevis mounts located on either end with a load force of 600N and a static load force of 6000N.

Each actuator is to have a project specific predetermined stroke length, be capable of performing 10,000 double strokes, have an IP rating of 65 and be certified to withstand 300 degree temperatures for 30 minutes.

All 240 volt wiring to be installed by the electrical contractor.
The actuators are available from Unique Window Services, (07) 3265-5771.