Window Automation System controller.

Smoke Ventilation systems have been around for quite a while now and over the past 25 years we have made and installed well over 2000 of these systems. With more and more demand for multiple sensor window automaton and interfacing all of a buildings systems to function together one product was needed to make this happen.

Capitalizing on all the years of our Smoke VenGlation experience we teamed up with a local electronics engineer and the Window Intellect was born.
It boasts all the funcfions of the imported window control systems but is made by a local supplier using as many locally produced parts as possible.

Each Window Intellect controller is housed in an Australian made fire proof enclosure Featuring:
• 72-hour battery back-up.
• Low battery monitoring and alarm
• Priorifised Fire inputs to override all other input signals
• Fail Safe Fire inputs which still acGvate if the cable is cut or damaged.
• Building Management System (BMS) inputs
• Auto close on power loss.
• Security system input
• Master over-ride control
• Closed window Status
• Indicator warning light system on the front of control panel control
• Phone app to set timer.
• Phone app for Master switch control.

Window Intellect Add on Components
• Rain sensor input
• Wind sensor input
• Temperature control
• Radio Frequency Master over-ride control
• Multifuncfion timer includes Night Purge

The beauty of this system is that it is completely modular, so if you only need a fail-safe battery back-up system and none of the sensors or timers the Window Intellect controller has the Fire system requirements standard specifically to keep costs to a minimum.

But if it is all the bells and whistles you are after, covering multiple levels over large floor spaces with multiple zones. The Auto Intellect is the perfect solution as this is exactly what we have created this product for.

For more information on the Australian made Window Intellect please call Unique Window Services on (07) 3265 5771.