Electric Servery Window


Electric Servery Window

Utilising innovative design, our new electric servery window system combines style and simplicity to make outdoor entertaining a breeze.

Bringing the indoors out is part of the Australian identity. And with outdoor living, now more popular than ever, more homeowners and businesses are choosing to feature gas strut operated servery windows on their property. However, manually operating these larger awnings with gas struts can be difficult and impractical. For example, when the sash is in the neutrally weighted position, it will try to rapidly force the window open until the sash counterbalances the weight.

Practical and easy install
To overcome the problems posed by manual servery windows, Unique Window Services has created an electric awning sash system which comes in a complete install kit. You can rest assured all the hard work is done for you with everything you need in one box.

To install, simply take the system out of the box, fit to the window using the easy install brackets, plug the motors into the control box and press the button to open or close.

Or, if you’d prefer, Unique Window Services can install the system for you.

What’s in the kit?

  • Two actuators
  • Mounting brackets
  • Two handheld transmitters
  • Control box and low voltage power supply

Other features

  • Extra long cables with grommets ensuring cables are concealed within the window frame.
  • The motor is capable of lifting 350 kg. The addition of this motor means, once the window is closed, it cannot be manually opened, eliminating the need for additional locks.


Why wait? Bring the indoors out with the click of a button! Contact Unique Window Services on (07) 3265 5771 for more information.