Sash Balances are the mechanisms on each side of your double hung windows to allow easy and equal movement of each window sash. Double hung windows are the pioneers when it comes to the use of passive ventilation. Opening each sash, one from the top and one from the bottom, hot air escapes through the higher opening and cool air is drawn in through the lower one, therefore cooling the space.


If your sashes are not moving easily up and down or are moving more easily on one side or another and get caught on the angle, it may mean that one or both of the sash balances is broken. They are housed on the jamb of the window frame and run from the top of the window frame to the bottom of each sash.

With a spiral running down the centre of each tube the tension created in this is what holds each sash in place at any position up and down while allowing the windows to move easily and evenly.

‘Unique Sash Balances’ are spiral sash balances and are suitable for aluminium and timber double hung windows. These sash balances have a strong spring mechanism, are made in Australia and only use the highest quality materials.

These products are suitable for use in either new installations or replacement on existing windows and will give you many years of trouble free service.

Unique Window Services can supply these balances across the country or we can complete the replacement/installation in South East Queensland.

We welcome your call on (07) 3265-5771 if you have any questions.


MEASURING: To ensure you are ordering the correct size of sash balance there are a couple of things you will need (sash balance window drawing).

1. The size of the window. For the purpose of sash balance size this is measured from the inside of the head of the window to the inside of the sill of the window, basically the height where light can be let in through the frame.

2. The weight of the sash window. Obviously it is a little tough to determine the weight of your sash without removing from the frame. However what we would need to know therefore is any interesting features of your windows. If it a hardwood frame, a large sash, thick glass or anything that would increase the weight over a regular sash. Please advise us if the frame is aluminium or timber.

3. The rebate size in the sash window. The ‘rebate’ is the groove/channel that runs down the side of the sash, allowing the actual balance to be attached to the bottom of the sash.

BALANCE TYPE: There are 3 types of balances we have available, the decriptions are below, feel free to call with any questions.

TYPE B, 12.4mm Diameter, Sash Weight < 13.6kg

TYPE D, 14mm Diameter, Sash Weight < 13.6kg

Type HD, 14mm Diameter, Sash Weight < 18kg

BALANCE FEET: There are 2 types of feet that are commonly used on the base of the spirals to attach them to the sashes. These are noted below, please ensure you advise which type of foot are required for your balances. The HA – 1 Feet are usually used on Timber Windows and the UC-1 Foot is generally found on Aluminium Windows.


BALANCE ORDERING: When ordering Sash Balances please ensure you note all this information on the order.

Please note, the balance Size, what Type, which Feet you require and finally the colour (Brown, Black, White or Grey).

Our coding will read as per this example SBD027 – No Feet, White. This is a code for a Type D #27 Balance with on feet required in White.