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SE Controls is a UK based company specialising in window control equipment, both installation as well as in-house manufacture of motors and sensors. This provides a fantastic quality product the can more than match any other European competitor.

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Some of their products that we can offer are:
Manual Hand Winder, SE Controls Midi Winder
Chainhead, SE Controls Chainhead T100
Electric Chain Winder, SECO N24 25
Room Controller, NV LogIQ



Smoke ventilation systems, both the design and installation have become a speciality for SE Controlos in the UK. Through them we are able to provide a service where we can design your smoke ventilation for you. Please contact us on (07) 3265-5771 to find out what we require from you and what we can provide.

Please find below some information on a project they have completed in Paragon Mills in Manchester, UK.

Project Details: The project comprises of 1no Smoke Ventilation Systems.

At one end of the corridor there is a powered solo shaft and at the other end of the corridor there is an air inlet shaft providing makeup air for the solo shaft. There is a stairwell vent installed at the head of the stairs. Both shafts utilise the OSLOOP control system with the powered shaft also using a fan starter panel. No pressure sensors are used as the air inlet shaft opens in conjunction with the powered shaft to prevent over pressure on the stair door.

The extract fans are located on top of the 6th floor roof. Access to the roof is via the air inlet shaft, the Louvre at the head is fitted with a hinged base. In the event of smoke being detected within a common corridor the fire alarm should signal our local MCP. This will trigger our system and open the fire floors AOV doors, head of stair vent and lock all other floors out. A signal will also be sent to the fan starter panel, this will open the top of shaft vent and will start the “run” fan and extract smoke from the corridor. The system will then run at full speed unless the attending fire officer operates the fan control switches located within the stairwell Should the “run” fan fail it will be detected by a pressure switch located within the head of the shaft and start the standby fan.

The attending fire officer has control of the fan from the local fireman override fan switch located at each level within the stairwell.

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