Solar Breeze is a remote operated, battery powered, solar charged chain winder system, designed to control your awnings, hopper windows and skylights with no power drawn from the Mains.

The operator is powered by a battery pack that is continuously charged by a modestly sized solar panel 15cm by 18 cm (included in product package).

For ease of use there is a hand held RF remote control with an inbuilt temperature sensor. This sensor can be set to automatically operate your windows at perameters set to your specifications.

To ensure that your windows close when rain starts there also a Rain Sensor, to be installed on the roof,  to close the windows when the first drops of rain come down. The energy efficient software and hardware design ensures that the Solar Breeze operates year round using exclusively solar power.

Originally created for the cloudy and rainy Pacific northwest of the United States, the Solar Breeze operates well even when direct sunlight is limited. This efficiency means that the Solar Breeze will work reliably anywhere in the world.

Specification: The awning windows or skylights are to be controlled using the ‘Solar Breeze’ system. The actuators are to have a lifting force of 30kg.

Each actuator to come complete with its own Solar Panel and Rain Sensor which are to be externally located in a position that will observe the highest amount of direct sunlight and not be impeded from rain fall. The Solar Breeze hand held Radio Frequency sender unit is to have a digital read out, in built programmable timer function and temperature sensor control and be able to control up to 9 zones.

The system is available from Unique Window Services, (07) 3265-5771.