Finally there is a louvre system with a concealed motor that makes sense! No longer do you need to worry about how the 130mm or 120mm frames will fit into, or not fit, into the standard 100mm framing used on the rest of your design. The SlimLine Louvre fits into the 100mm frame with no overhang or protrusion.

The motor is housed on the jamb or mullion of the windows. This creates the second advantage over the current options available. With SlimLine Louvres you are able to ‘pair’ the operating handles to have one motor control 2 galleries which is not available in any other alternatives and therefore halves your costs with regards to motors and wiring etc.

When it comes to servicing there is also an advantage with housing the motor on the jamb. You do not have to remove blades to access the motor, which you do when the motor is housed in the head or sill of the window. Available in 102mm or 152mm blade options, powder coated to suit your project, even in a timber finish, and flyrscreen/CrimeSafe compatible call today for your very competitive quote on louvres with concealed electric controls.

Specification: The aluminium louvre windows shall be the ‘SlimLine’ window system by Unique Window Services using the G James 101mm x 44mm commercial grade aluminium glazing surround frame.

The surround frame is to be fitted with 105mm or 102mm galleries and should be requested to accept 6mm glass, extruded aluminium blades or Western Red Cedar blades as per project requirements.

The electric motor shall be a Linco linear actuator with a drive force of up to 25kg. All motors and linkages shall be concealed into the confines of the vertical ‘SlimLine’ aluminium cover system. All propietary wiring to the windows is to be concealed into the wall cavities. Power supplies and control circuitry is to be located in accessible areas for servicing purposes.

For design information, pricing and servicing please contact Unique Window Services on (07) 3265 5771.


Do you need an external system to block unwanted sun and heat penetration? Or have you been searching for a screening system to block visual intrusion for the home or the office?

This stylish new concept design from Unique Window Services might just fit the bill. The Solar Control Louvre is an elliptical aluminium bladed louvre system with a concealed actuator housed in it’s frame.

The clean and simple lines of the design means that no matter your decor or design the louvres will not detract from the over all concept. If you have a modern look the louvres can be featured or colour matched to blend with the surrounds. Where as the simple design means that in a traditional design the louvres can be used to draw attention to other features. The Solar Control Louvre can be powder coated to your specifications and with the new ranges of timber style coatings you can have the look without the maintenance.

With easy operation at the flick of a switch and virtually no maintenance,  years of great looking hassle free operation is yours to enjoy with the Solar Control Louvre system by Unique.

Specification: The solar shading louvres are to be the SOLAR CONTROL LOUVRE by Unique Window Services, (07) 3265-5771.

Each louvre panel is to be encompassed by a 100x45mm aluminium surround frame. Louvre blades are to be 100x 20mm and elliptical in shape and are not to protrude from the perimeter frame when fully open. Blades are to be electrically operable by way of a linear actuator concealed into the perimeter frame jamb but accessible for servicing once installed.

All associated wiring,ducting and cabling is to be concealed. Power supplies are to be concealed but are to be accessible for servicing.