GBCA Standout Project Features Unique Window Services

GBCA Standout Project Features Unique Window Services

UWS Automated Window System featured in one of the Green Building Council of Australia’s top Standout Australian Projects

The Green Build Council of Australia CEO has selected The Orion Springfield Town Centre in Queensland as one of it’s top 9 standout Australian Projects. This architectural project seized the sustainability agenda by achieving early ‘Firsts’ with it’s 6 Star Green star rating. Unique Window Services helped achieve this success with it’s industry leading Window Automation. 

Automated, intelligent control of the buildings windows at the main entrance is one of the primary sources of ventilation at the the Orion Springfield Town Centre. The windows are opened up for around 20 minuets in the early morning to allow the warmer air to escape and cooler morning air to fill the centre. This ‘Morning Purge’ is a great cost saving strategy as the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard or as long to maintain a high level of thermal comfort.  Even in the warmer months the high level windows can be opened slightly to allow the rising hot air to escape. Whilst the cooler more denser are remains at the lower levels keeping the occupants comfortable.

Natural ventilation is considered to be a vital element in any building striving to increase occupant comfort, as well as decrease operating costs. 

There is now increased demand for the development of highly intelligent buildings. 

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