St Benedict’s College – cooling classrooms without aircon

St Benedict’s College – cooling classrooms without aircon

St Benedict’s College is a regional, co-educational Catholic secondary school in the Moreton Bay suburb of Mango Hill.

The school, which was established in 2013, has been rapidly expanding and building new classrooms and teaching areas. We were able to successfully install energy efficient and easy-to-operate window control systems which will help the school cut down on their power bill while also ensuring classes are cool and comfortable.

Airconditioned rooms without the airconditioned price

As an expanding and relatively new secondary school, St Benedict’s College came to Unique Window Services with the request of installing window control systems for five new buildings. These window operating mechanisms would need to help the school be more energy efficient while also ensuring students and staff are comfortable. Ensuring energy efficiency required us to carefully analyse the placement, sun direction and design of the windows, and work closely with the school to make sure their needs were met. We decided a system of passive ventilation would be the best way to help the school keep cool without expensive air conditioning.

Cool and comfortable rooms to help with learning

Our expert window designers came up with the plan to install several sliding window control systems along the sides of the classroom. We also added high-level louvres over the sliding windows. These louvres allow hot air to escape the class without the usual windy draughts caused by cross-ventilation. This meant that students can work in peace and won’t have the wind blowing their papers across the room. On hot days, staff and students can open the sliding windows to bring a fresh breeze into the room. Through the use of a passive ventilation window control system, we were able to make sure students and staff can work comfortably, while also helping the school keep its energy bill as low as possible.

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