The Benefits Of Electric Window Controls You Weren’t Aware Of!

The Benefits Of Electric Window Controls You Weren’t Aware Of!

Electric window controls are fast becoming a staple in Brisbane architectural designs. But when manual and electric windows both have their advantages, what makes electric stand out? In this article, we take a look at the benefits of electric window controls beyond the commonly known ‘time-saving’ and ‘ease of use’ advantages. No matter the project, electric window controls provide a comprehensive range of benefits. Keep reading to discover a few benefits of electric window controls of which you may not be aware and why Queensland architects are incorporating them into their projects.

Smoke ventilation applications

Installing high-level windows with electric controls, in commercial buildings, schools, and churches, can have incredible advantages. For example, smoke ventilation applications can be incorporated into the controls allowing smoke to exit through high windows in the case of an emergency. This feature also increases the visibility for evacuations and aids first responders to gain access, identify the cause and extinguish the fire.

Failsafe battery backup

Of course, in the case of an emergency, electricity can be cut, compromising the electric window controls and subsequent smoke ventilation. But at Unique Window Services a failsafe battery backup, including a fire rated cable, can be installed to selected electric window controls. This means the windows can be remotely controlled, even if the mains power is lost.

Rain sensor

Picture this, you’re sitting at work, and you see the storm clouds rolling in. And then you remember, all of your windows have been left open. You know you’re going to go home and find a soaking mess somewhere in your house. But what if your windows knew that they needed to shut when hit by raindrops? Installing a rain sensor with electric window controls in your next project will wash your troubles away. Placed on the roof, a sensor will send a command to ‘close’ the controlled windows when a raindrop hits it. This signal will continue until the sensor pad is dry, and when it is, you will regain full control of the windows.

Passive ventilation

It goes without saying, hot air rises! And anyone who has lived through a Queensland summer understands how stuffy a home or building can get during the hot seasons. Electric window controls allow you to control ventilation with the touch of a button, and can even automate windows while you aren’t in the building! That’s right, electric window controls allow you to set a timer which will open your windows for a few hours overnight. By opening the windows overnight, the building will air out and cool down. Imagine how much money your clients will save not having to cool down the building every morning!
Learn more about passive ventilation in this blog. And of course, the benefits just keep rolling, electric window controls have a long list of benefits and are fast becoming the go-to technology for Brisbane architects. If you want to discuss whether electric window controls are the right choice for your project, contact Unique Window Services today.