Good Shepherd School

Springfield QLD 4300
Good Shepherd School

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  • SECTOR Health
  • LOCATION Dobroyd Parade
  • VALUE $6.5 million

project description

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School is located in the growing area of Springfield Lakes, west of Brisbane.

This new facility, which opened on January 30th, 2013, will grow with the community around it and the enthusiastic staff look forward to creating a school of excellence at Springfield Lakes.

Unique Window Services was called upon to automate the high level louvres in the Administration Building and Classrooms of the school.

With the louvre banks only three blades high, deep reveals and operating handles very low in the galleries, this was a tricky installation.

The specifications of the project called for a Torque Rod installation and as a result of the circumstances it needed to be installed above the windows. Usually this system would be installed running beneath the windows.

Positioning the rod at the bottom creates a mechanical advantage for the linear actuator. The height of the windows and the number to be controlled at Good Shepherd are only small though so there will not be an issue with the functionality of the window control equipment.

To ensure that the optimal operation of our equipment is able to be achieved we are happy to meet with anyone involved with the design and the project during early stages. Alternatively if you have plans that you would like use to view please feel free to send them through.

Product: Linco S100Torque Rod

features of this project
  • High level louvres
  • Torque Rod
  • Optimal operation