Port Douglas

QLD 4877

Project Description

With the heat and humidity in Port Douglas, passive ventilation was a major concern and a driving force behind the design of this lovely home.

Clever environmental design was incorporated though out the property to keep cooling costs to a minimum. Several bays of louvred windows were placed high in the building to ensure that the hot rising air had somewhere to escape. This escaping air then draws cooler air in through the lower levels creating a thermal comfort in excess of what can be achieved with mechanical cooling methods.

During the winter months these louvres, metal blades in this case, are closed to trap the warmer air inside once again helping to keep the internal temperature in a more comfortable range.

Although not a consideration here, should glass blades have been used, more natural light would have entered the home and there would be very few of us who would see that as a bad element to have.

Product: Linco R200Linco Micro

features of this project
  • Passive Ventilation
  • Cooling costs kept to a minimum
  • High louvred windows