Southside Toyota

Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122

Project Description

At Southside Toyota electric 800mm stroke chainwinders were used to open large banks of awning windows.

Designed to allow massive cross ventilation, it is a great example of how passive ventilation can be used on a large scale not just within the private home.

With air flowing through the ‘workshop’ the thermal comfort of the mechanics is increased as to compared with what would be achieved should a standard air-conditioning system have been employed.

The large amount of natural light that is also allowed to penetrate the space is another benefit of having windows and not just a solid wall. With the glass used, the light is diffused through the space which has also decreased the need for as much electric lighting.

In a business environment that runs for a minimum of six days a week, the power savings of reduced lighting and no air-conditioning will certainly add up over the years to come and certainly pay for themselves many times over.

Product: UCS Supermaster

features of this project
  • Stroke Chainwiders
  • Massive cross ventilation
  • Huge power savings