How Electric Window Controls Can Save You Money On Your Electricity Bill

How Electric Window Controls Can Save You Money On Your Electricity Bill

Do the figures on your electricity bill often cause you to stare open-mouthed at the letter, scratching your head as to how it became so expensive, so quickly?

The price of energy is only getting higher, and a massive contributor to exorbitant electricity bills in Australia is air conditioning. There are over 35-degree days when we just can’t do without it. But many Australian businesses, in particular, use it as a form of temperature control when there are much less costly options available to them. We’re talking about windows. Specifically, windows fitted with electronic controls. Now you may be thinking, why swap one electrically driven device for another? Electric window controls are much more economical than using the air con and make use of natural ventilation to cool down your home, office, warehouse or school. Read on to discover how your electricity bill could be drastically reduced with the use of electric window controls.

Maintain a comfortable temperature without using your air con

Sometimes, architects design buildings that have windows in hard to reach places that require a great deal of effort to open. As a result, they often go unused. It’s much easier to switch on the air con. But this is also much more expensive than making use of that fresh, natural breeze!

Electric window controls allow you to utilise every window in your building. It just takes one push of a button on a remote to harness natural airflow, which doesn’t cost a penny! Each window is fitted with electronic mechanisms that respond to the remote’s requests; opening and closing with ease. A huge variety of windows can be fitted with electronic controls, including awnings, louvres and sliding windows.

Electric windows will not only cut costs on your energy bill, but they also require much less maintenance than your air conditioning unit. Use your air con less, only on those stifling hot, still, days when there’s no breeze in sight, and you’ll notice that you don’t have to service it as often.

How electric window controls encourage passive ventilation

Electric window controls make good use of passive ventilation in buildings. Passive ventilation is the act of harnessing natural forces such as wind to circulate air indoors. It assists in controlling the temperature in the building and ensures that fresh air is entering, and stale air is leaving. This has many additional health and wellbeing benefits and enhances the quality of the environment for people prone to allergies. You’d be surprised at how much simply opening a window can change the atmosphere for people within a building! Electric window controls make opening windows and utilising passive, natural ventilation easy. Furthermore, it saves money on your electricity bill, so that you can invest it elsewhere.

Cooling down your building overnight

Another significant element of natural ventilation is the ability to cool down your building overnight. It’s no secret that temperatures typically drop during the evening and that this is the time to catch cooling breezes and encourage them to flow through your indoor space. It may be especially beneficial for buildings made of brick, that tend to store the sun’s heat during the day and radiate it indoors. But many managers of commercial buildings and offices may not feel secure leaving windows open at night. This is where electronically automated windows come in. You can set a timer to open and close the windows at specific intervals automatically. Say, for two hours overnight to cool down the interior of the premises, ready for the following day. Furthermore, electric window controls are incredibly sturdy and provide additional security for your building. Night cooling is easy, efficient and secure with electric window controls installed in your office, warehouse or school.

Temperature control at its finest

We all know the struggle to maintain a consistent temperature when all office employees have access to the air conditioning controls and window latches. The set temperature is changed ten times a day, and windows are opened while the air con is operating. Your air conditioner is forced to work overtime to heat or cool the building and keep up with changing demands in temperature drops and inclines. With remote control operated windows, you’re in charge of temperature control. Eliminate the possibility of windows being opened while the air con is running to reduce your electricity bill. As for banning employees from toggling air con controls, you may need to introduce some duct tape and an office-wide “no touching” policy!

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