Why You Should Use Electric Window Winders For High Awning Windows On Your Next Project

Why You Should Use Electric Window Winders For High Awning Windows On Your Next Project

No matter what type of building you’re designing windows for, whether it be a school, hospital, commercial office, sports facility or warehouse, there are two things you will always be considering: convenience and practicality.

Windows are a critical aspect of every building design. Windows channel light and ventilation and can have a significant impact on the security of the premises. They’re also integral to the wellbeing of the people in the building. Happy occupants, whether they’re students, patients, residents or employees, require sunshine and air! In this article, we will discuss the benefits of designing various types of buildings incorporating an awning style of window. We will also take a closer look at how your building project could be enhanced with electric window winders for increased convenience and better ventilation.

High awning windows are perfect for buildings that need to be secure.

The benefits of high set awning windows.

High awning windows are ideal for many commercial and public buildings. Large facilities such as gymnasiums, warehouses, offices, waiting rooms and lecture halls require plenty of light to remain spacious and airy. But they also need to maintain security and privacy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider designing such buildings with high set awning windows.

More privacy.

There are many buildings where you don’t want people walking by to be able to peer in. Warehouses may need to protect stored goods, or sports facilities may wish to retain privacy for their members while exercising. High set awning windows can offer light and ventilation without sacrificing privacy for the people or objects within the building. This is particularly useful for establishments located on the ground level of urban streets or near busy walkways.
Freedom when considering interior design.
Setting your awning windows high means that you have more wall space to work with! It’s good news for any interior designer and can also free up much more space to consider the placement of built-in benches and furniture.

High awning windows with electric controls provide better energy efficiency.

Protection from the elements.

Awning windows are often championed for their ability to offer ventilation during adverse weather. Because the panes slant downwards, windows can remain open while it’s raining. You don’t have to worry about damp carpet or wet walls! When awning windows are set up high, a natural breeze will ease through the building. There’s nothing worse than having the desk right opposite a ground-level window in an office, and having to deal with all that flying paper whenever the wind picks up! With high set awning windows, everyone in the building experiences the same level of comfort, no matter where they are situated.

The benefits of high awning windows with electric window winders.

By this point, you may be thinking that while we have outlined the advantageous features of high set awning windows, we have failed to acknowledge the elephant in the room. How will you reach the windows to open and close them? That’s where electric window controls come in!

Much more convenient.

Electric window controls allow you to open and close several, or even all, high set awning windows in a building simultaneously, with the press of a button. There’s no need to climb high step ladders or wield dangerously tall poles like a lance. Each awning window is fitted with a chain and motor that will respond to commands made from a remote control or wall mounted interface. Enjoying the benefits of high awning windows with superior convenience is so easy with electric window winders!

Better air ventilation & energy efficiency.

Electric window systems can also operate using sophisticated automated technology. From the command interface, you can set a timer which will send a message to your window winders to open for a few hours overnight. This allows the building to cool down and air out when the temperature is at its lowest. Imagine how much you will save on your energy bill by harnessing natural ventilation! You will no longer need to turn on the air conditioner as soon as you arrive in the morning to remove stale air, humidity and stuffiness. The air quality in your building will also vastly improve as you will not be circulating the same stale air over and over as tends to occur when permanently running your HVAC system.

High awning windows with electric controls provide better energy efficiency.

Increased security.

Installing high set awning windows is fantastic for security, as they’re often far above ground level, making it difficult for anyone to break in. Awning windows yet another line of defence against burglary as it’s very difficult to slip through such a small opening. Incorporating electric controls into your high awning windows creates an almost impenetrable fortress for your building! The electrical rods and chains are extremely sturdy and would require a lot of effort to dismantle. One look at the devices and a would-be thief will almost certainly deem it not worth their time!

Convinced that high awning windows with electric controls are the best option for convenience, security, privacy, ventilation and ambience in your building design? Contact Unique Windows today to discuss which electric window winders will best suit your high awning windows, and offer the most desirable results for your project!