What are Sash Balances?

What are Sash Balances?

Sash balances are the nifty mechanisms that allow your double hung windows to glide up and down the frame effortlessly.

Wondering what double hung windows are? Not to worry! Many people shopping for windows for the first time are unsure of the range of configurations available.

While we won’t be going through the arch window today (sorry to disappoint), we will be explaining how a double hung window works, and why sash balances are an integral mechanism in their design. We’ll also look at the advantages of double hung windows, particularly their natural ventilation capabilities, and what types of buildings can benefit from installing them.

How do double hung windows work?

Double hung windows are sash windows that can be opened from both the top and the bottom. They slide vertically within the frame and can also often be tilted inwards or outwards for easier cleaning purposes. The bottom sash can be lifted, and the top sash can be lifted down to create better airflow.


What does the sash balance mechanism do?

Sash balances are the mechanisms installed on either side of the window sashes in a double hung window, allowing them to glide up and down smoothly. They’re often hidden inside the window frame so that you cannot see them at work. The most efficient type of sash balance is spiralled and allows each sash to be held in place whenever you open the window. In short, the robust spring mechanism in the sash balance keeps everything running smoothly while securely keeping your windows open!

What are the advantages of double hung windows?

The most significant advantage of double hung windows is that they promote natural ventilation, meaning improved airflow and less reliance on your air conditioner! Having your window open halfway at both the top and the bottom allows cool, fresh air to enter via the lower opening and hot, stale air to escape through the higher opening. This type of natural ventilation maintains a comfortable temperature indoors without having to switch on your air conditioner, which is always good news for your electricity bill!

It’s also super easy and quick to clean double hung windows by tilting them inwards so that you can reach every inch of the glass. No more grubby window panes interrupting your view of the outdoors!

What types of buildings can benefit from double hung sash windows?

Double hung windows are convenient, energy-saving and secure, so it’s no surprise that they’re used in a wide range of buildings, including residential homes, offices, schools, hospitals, sporting centres and apartment complexes. Anywhere that requires excellent airflow for a comfortable indoor experience. Larger buildings tend to utilise them to cut down on energy consumption.

How can I install sash balances?

The installation of sash balances is best left to the professionals. Ensuring that all of the mechanisms are installed correctly is vital to the efficiency of the window sashes. Unique Windows stock top-of-the-range sash balances for both aluminium and timber double hung windows. Whether you wish to install sash balances in new double hung windows, or replace the mechanisms in old double hung windows, we can help you! Contact us today to find out more about our services.