Biala Health Centre

270 Roma Street

Project Description

When AE Smith Brisbane was faced with the task of installing Factory Flooring and a smoke ventilation system into the Biala Health Clinic at 270 Roma St they were confronted with some difficult and costly issues.

Their first option was to remove several of the double glazed windows on each of the 7 floors and install mechanical vents to draw the smoke out of the building. This alone would have been a major task as well as changing the entire look of the building. Unique Window Services was contacted to see if there was a better way.

We suggested using the existing centre pivoting windows and installing a SECO N 24 40 chain drive motor finished in Satin Black to blend in better with the Bronze Anodized window frames on each sash.

This scenario required absolutely no modifications to the building facade or windows and now relies on only natural ventilation to expel the smoke.

Fire rated cabling was installed in the ceilings connecting the window motors to a “Fail Safe” Battery Back Up unit located in the service risers which allows the Smoke Ventilation System to function in the event of 240 volt mains failure.

Product: SECO 24 N 40