1 Scott Street

Kangaroo Point QLD 4169

Project Description

The designers of this iconic Brisbane project not only allowed for the exchange of air but also created some extraordinary vistas for the residents and their guests to experience. Using glass and windows, the way a space is used can be controlled and manipulated to ensure maximum enjoyment. It is a wonderful option to have so that spaces can be utilised for different purposes throughout the year.

We installed electric chain winders to windows in both the individual units and in the public areas and multiple motors were required per window due to their width (for a sash over 1500mm wide we recommend multiple points to limit twisting and ensure correct sealing). For this type of installation a synchronization box is required to make sure all the motors work evenly on each sash once again to ensure correct operation of the window.

Although being of a daily practical use the operable windows are also linked back to a central fire control panel. This system in turn can operate the windows in times of emergency. On a signal from panel the windows would open or close depending on where the emergency is.

Operable windows, the opening or closing of them, can direct the smoke out of a building using the concepts of passive ventilation. Removing the smoke from an area gives the occupants more time and therefore a better chance of escape in the event of a fire emergency.

Product: Linco L3

features of this project
  • Form and function within the design
  • Electric Chain Winders
  • Linked to central fire control
  • Passive ventilation