Brisbane Central

Brisbane QLD 4000
Brisbane Central

manchestercentral delivery office

  • SECTOR Health
  • LOCATION Dobroyd Parade
  • VALUE $6.5 million

project description

Located in the Queen Street Mall and consisting of two stages; the first refurbishing the old T&G Building; the second was a completely new 11 storey building on the corner of Albert and Elizabeth Street.  Due to the building being heritage listed there were many compliance issues which expanded over 7 years before completion.

The main focal point and objective was to create a sustainable building that incorporates traditional and innovative design aspects.

Unique Window Services installed a smoke dispersal system into both buildings. Strategically placed throughout the buildings were operable windows wired to the building management system (BMS). Within seconds of smoke detection, low voltage actuators with fail-safe battery backup systems receive a signal from the smoke alarm, driving the windows open allowing smoke to escape and more time for evacuation.

Product: USC Supermaster

features of this project
  • Operable windows wired to BMS
  • Smoke alarm drives windows open