Oscar Facility

48 Peel St, South Brisbane

Project Description

The original smoke ventilation system installed on this project was a pneumatically operated louvre system consisting of 5 metal ventilation louvres located on the buildings roof.

The system had not functioned for many years as all the airlines that run from the louvres along the roof and down to the Fire Indicator Panel were so brittle they has all been broken and all the louvres leaked badly. Unique Window Services was given the task to replace the louvres and install a 24 volt smoke ventilation system.

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The 5 new louvres were fitted with LINCO S300 24 volt linear actuators. A Battery Back Up system was installed as well as a rain sensor and hand held Radio Frequency Transmitter. These additional control features allowed the system to be used for both Natural and Smoke Ventilation.

By opening the louvres this has allowed the hot air that would normally build up, to escape which lowers the building cooling requirements.

Product: Linco S300 24, Rain Sensor