Cleveland State High School

Year 7 Building, Cleveland QLD 4163

Project Description

With Grade 7 soon to become part of Queensland Secondary Schools there have been a number undertaking works to accommodate this influx of students. At Cleveland State High School, this has been the case with a three storey new extension to the school. Our role in this project was to automate a row of awning windows that run along the top of the sliding windows in the classrooms, as well in the teacher’s offices and common rooms.

With classrooms on both sides of the building, cross ventilation is limited. The position of these windows, above head height, is to give the rising heated air, that builds up the classrooms and other spaces, a means of escape. Passive Ventilation, as this is called, does not rely on a cross breeze but does cool a room down as cooler air is drawn inside through the lower openings.

This installation incorporated a ‘Torque Rod’ system with the motor being the Linco S200. This is a very robust way to control large banks of windows at a reduced cost. With up to 6 sashes being operated by the rod and one motor, the cost savings over a motor per sash installation were substantial. There are very few moving parts which also reduces the maintenance costs to the end user.

Although not to everyone’s tastes visually, an option can be to colour match some of the elements to be more in keeping with rest of the design.

Product: Linco S200Torque Rod