Wynnum State High School

Wynnum QLD

Project Description

As part of the Queensland Government’s ‘State Schools of Tomorrow’ schools renewal initiative a new high school has been built on the bayside, taking the place of the old Wynnum SHS and the Wynnum North State High School.

This new school with a cost of $150 million will accommodate around 800 students when it opens.

Unique Window Services’ involvement was to supply and install well over 200 winders to the classroom windows in 7 buildings. There is no air conditioning used in the new buildings, they rely only on passive ventilation techniques to keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature.

The use of external/natural systems, not mechanized cooling, provides a building’s occupants with ideal thermal comfort.

Passive design methods were incorporated into the design in the early stages and do not negatively impact on the aesthetics of the buildings in any way.

Product: UWS MDCRTorque Rod