Rochedale State High School


When tasked with revamping a 50 ( plus) year old class room building, the team at Towill Design Group capitalized on the existing passive design envelope. The existing window configurations were manually remote controlled awning windows in the clerestory, and above the low level sliding windows in each classroom. By removing all the high level awning windows and replacing them with electric remote controlled louvres the amount of natural air flow has been increased 

by more than 60%. 

Opening the high and low level louvres together promotes passive airflow and has drastically reduced the need for expensive mechanical ventilation and the associated on-going costs. 

The outlay for the electric control system over the manual system is very much the same.

But the future repair costs will be reduced as the electric system cannot be over wound or damaged as the control switches are located in the teachers staff rooms.

As well as replacing all the louvres Unique Window Services installed a 24 hour timer, battery back Up, Rain sensor and a Master Open and Close switch to control the durable “LINCO” linear actuators.

These modular steel frame buildings are found all throughout Queensland public schools and with a little know how and the right products they can easily be transformed from an energy hungry hot box to a cool, light filled, comfortable and energy efficient building .

Products used:
Linco Aura 200, Rain Sensor, Battery Back Up, 24 Hour/7 day timer and Master Control Switch