Orion Village

Springfield Lakes QLD 4300

Project Description

Throughout the whole process of designing, building and operating this large retail shopping district, sustainable and environmental experts were consulted. Energy efficient systems where implemented to propel this property into pioneering the retail world.

Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) has awarded this project a 6 star rating for the environmentally conscious aspects and employing sustainable products and practices.

Orion Shopping Village has incorporated over 85 energy saving techniques. One in which Unique Window Services supplied and installed was the natural ventilation system used throughout the mall.  This operates independently or in conjunction with the air conditioning mode.

Large pivoting doors located above each main entry are driven open with electric remote window control equipment.

The Building Management System opens the windows early in the morning for a ‘Morning Purge’. This allows the cool morning air to fill the centre and to remove the stale air that has built up over night. This is supplementary to the mechanical cooling system, it reduces the cost for electricity to initially cool the built up air and therefore wear and tear on the mechanical system.

Product: UCS Supermaster