The Top 10 Benefits of Operable Windows

The Top 10 Benefits of Operable Windows

Operable windows can transform your home, business, school or warehouse into a safer, more energy efficient and convenient building.

Operable windows are windows which function using electric mechanisms that are sometimes automated. They eliminate the need to fiddle around with many different latches or use poles and ladders to reach high-set windows. Operable windows also negate the need to use your air conditioning as often, reducing your energy bill and carbon footprint. It’s time to consider how operable windows could drastically change your home, office, commercial building or school for the better.

1. Energy efficient

One of the biggest benefits of operable windows is that they utilise natural, passive ventilation, enhancing a building’s energy efficiency. It’s good news for your electricity bill, and for the environment. Being able to exploit breezes that flow around (and now through!) your building means that you need to switch on your HVAC system less. Everyone knows what a nightmare it can be in an office situation when each person adjusts the controls to the air conditioning to suit their individual preferences. With operable windows, this irritating issue is taken out of the equation; your building remains a comfortable temperature through natural ventilation.

2. Better airflow

Encouraging airflow within your home or commercials premises will remove that stuffy atmosphere that induces grogginess and makes people feel cramped. Operable windows can be especially beneficial for airflow in commercial buildings. You can program the above ground windows to open slightly for a few hours at night when the building is not in use so that fresh, cool air flows through the premises.

3. Improved air quality

Nobody likes to walk into a smelly stuffy room! Get rid of any lingering odours or airborne germs by making use of fresh breezes with operable windows! You don’t want to be continually circulating stale air in a closed up building; it smells gross and creates a stifling atmosphere that cultivates the spread of the common cold. Fresh air is better for the mind and can vastly improve the lifestyle of people prone to allergies.




4. Simple to operate

Get rid of ladders that pose OH&S nightmares, and long poles used for painstakingly hooking onto window latches in hard to reach places. You can now open and close all of your windows with the push of a button instead. Operable windows are controlled via a remote or wall-mounted switch, meaning less work for you!

5. Protect your home/building from severe weather

Operable windows are airtight and durable. Combined with sturdy glass or double glazed panes, they can provide superior resistance against severe weather such as high winds and heavy rainfall.

6. Optimum defence against breaking and entering

Because operable windows function via electrical components, they are incredibly secure. It would take a very high-tech burglar to jimmy open these windows! Electronically operated windows are advantageous for buildings that feature windows at ground level, which are easy to reach from public walkways.




7. Easier to clean

There are particular operable windows that are designed with easy cleaning in mind. You can now clean the outside of your windows from the inside, without breaking your back!

8. Intuitive design

Operable windows can be installed with sensors to assist you in maintaining a safe and functional building. Operable windows can be fully automated to open when a smoke alarm goes off, or close when the air conditioner is turned on, or when it starts to rain. Integrate your windows with your smoke alarms or a rain sensor to experience true intuitive design.

9. Suit a wide range of window configurations

A large variety of windows can be fitted with window automation equipment. These include louvred windows, awning sashes, sliding windows and elliptical sunshade louvres. If you have unique windows that you wish to make operable, it may still be possible. Contact Unique Window Services to discuss your options.

10. Have a failsafe battery backup

A failsafe battery backup is vital for electronically controlled windows. If there’s a storm approaching, you want to ensure that you get those windows closed before the power is cut! Having a failsafe battery backup will give you better peace of mind and prevent panic from setting in when you lose power to your premises.

Ready to enjoy the increased convenience that having operable windows can provide? Contact Unique Window Solutions today to discuss how to make your windows electronically automated.