Bowen Cyclone Shelter

Bowen QLD 4805
Bowen Cyclone Shelter

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  • SECTOR Health
  • LOCATION Dobroyd Parade
  • VALUE $6.5 million

project description

The Bowen Cyclone Shelter is one of 10 built by the Queensland Government with the help of a generous donation from the United Arab Emerites.

Unique Window Services were involved throughout the design stage as well as the installation phase of the projects.

We were involved in the installation of 8 of these shelters and there were various elements throughout the design for our equipment.

Firstly we installed manual winders on the Airconditioning dampers throughout the building. Some of these winders were to be restricted in opening length to ensure some air movement during a cyclone or other emergency.

We also installed manual winders to control the high level Safetyline Jalousie Louvres. These very heavy louvres required one mechanism per pair of louvres to ensure security/safety during an event.

Finally, we were responsible for the electric motors on the top hinged security doors placed behind the louvres. These doors give an additional level of protection should the glass blades be broken during a cyclone. The motors were then wired back to a central control point so that the building manager has control of that element of the design.

As these shelters are to be used by the community as sporting centres during normal conditions, ventilation was a large consideration which is why the high-level openings were crucial to the design.

Project: Linco L5, UWS MDCR, SE Controls Midi Winder

features of this project
  • Queensland Governement Building
  • Manual Winders
  • Security and Safety ensured
  • Ventilation very important