Bundilla State School

Bundilla QLD 4557
Bundilla State School

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  • SECTOR Health
  • LOCATION Dobroyd Parade
  • VALUE $6.5 million

project description

Bundilla State School is part of the State Government’s SEQ Schools Project. There have been seven schools planned as part of this project for the high growth areas of the South-East corner. All the schools will have first class facilities and designed to have energy efficiency measures such as solar panels and high level windows for passive ventilation.

Each of the schools have achieved at four star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia,  a leader in the drive for the adoption of green building practices in this country.

There have been a number of design principals used and one of them is the maximization of the use of natural day light and ventilation, which is where come in. Using passive ventilation techniques to draw the hot air up an out of the buildings through operable high level windows, installed by Unique Window Services, the thermal comfort of the users of the school is enhanced without the need for air-conditioning.

The great part of this is that the students will be taught about the design of the school, how this helps with their carbon footprint and then they can apply this knowledge at home and through the community.

Product: Linco S100UWS MDCRTorque Rod

features of this project
  • Clean and modern architecture
  • Eco friendly materials
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